In Spite of ... Mysteries


Police secretary Irma Jean Bennett’s day is shot to hell when the Chief drops dead in her office. It’s bad enough that the mayor wants to keep the murder investigation quiet, but the new acting chief of the Spite Police Department (who happens to be her ex-husband) agrees with him. Neither man is exactly Einstein, and her loyalty to the Chief won't let her leave his murder unsolved, so Irma Jean risks her job to investigate on her own.

When her pink-Cadillac-driving mother shows up on her doorstep, having run out on husband number five, Irma Jean realizes finding a killer might be an easier task than managing Mama--and her blatant attempts to fix her daughter up with the guy renovating the downtown hotel. One thing's for sure: she's definitely not admitting that she might be falling for the hunky Irishman.

Between dealing with Mama, keeping her ex at bay, pretending she’s not interested in the hunky Irishman, and avoiding the mayor, Irma Jean discovers the Chief had more than a few secrets. Before she can figure out which one got him killed, her main suspect ends up dead. On top of all this, she loses her job when the mayor gets wind of her activities. Now if she doesn’t find the killer, she’ll never get her job back. Even worse—she’ll have to move in with Mama.


After solving the murder of the Chief of Police, police secretary Irma Jean Bennett is back to work at the Spite Police Department with a new title—Director of Police Administration. She even managed to wrangle a raise in pay out of Mayor Mel Crenshaw. When her mother announces she’s going to run against Mel in the upcoming election, Irma Jean hates the idea. Mama may know a lot about etiquette, how to be a lady, and what the best skin care products are, but she doesn’t know a thing about running a town.

On top of this, her ex-husband's fiancee wants Irma Jean to be her maid of honor. She'd rather drink the toilet water. But when the mayor's campaign manager is murdered after Irma Jean witnesses an argument between him and Lorene's wedding planner, she changes her mind--especially since Mama was found holding the murder weapon and Mel wants her sent to the hoosegow.