Brewing Trouble Mystery Series

TO BREW OR NOT TO BREW (Coming from Berkley in 2015!)

Someone doesn’t want the Allegheny Brew House to open, and Maxine “Max” O’Hara is determined to find out why.

With her brand-new brewmaster certification in hand, Max has been working twelve hour days for the past six months getting the abandoned Steel City Brewery up to code, perfecting beer recipes, and learning the business. A lot of work, but she’s sure she made the right decision—until things start to go wrong. She’s not too worried until the minor annoyances get progressively worse. And when she finds the body of her assistant brewmaster and chef in one of the beer tanks, she knows that batch wasn’t brewed according to Reinheitsgebot.


Annette said...

Love it! I'm so happy for you, Joyce. And can't wait to read the book!

Joyce Tremel said...

Thanks, Annette. Good thing we were too stubborn to quit, huh?