Monday, May 07, 2012

I Found It!

Hubby and I took a little jaunt yesterday to the flea market in Hazen, PA. We didn't find anything at the flea market (nothing spectacular, anyway), but on the way we did. Hazen is located on Route 28 north about 90 miles from Pittsburgh. To get there, we always took Route 28, then I-80 for a couple of miles, then back on 28. This time we stayed on 28 and guess what?


Well, not really, since the town of Spite exists only in my imagination. But pretty darn close. Route 28 goes through Brookville, PA and as soon as we rode down the hill and the town appeared before us, my jaw dropped. Seriously. The only other town that comes close is Ripley, WV, but I've only seen it in pictures.

On the way home from the flea market, I insisted we go back through Brookville and stop so I could take some pictures. I took these with my cell phone:

Courthouse in Brookville
If you add a portico with white columns and the word RESPITE above it, you'd have the Spite courthouse.

The main drag in Brookville

Take a look at the pictures on the links above for Brookville and Ripley and it'll give you a pretty good idea of how I imagine my town.

Have you ever gone anywhere that looked like a place that exists only in fiction? Tell me about it!


Annette said...

Did you know that Brookville is Nancy Martin's hometown?

Annette said...

And also, Pennwriters used to have their annual board of directors meetings there...

That's it. I have no more Brookville trivia for you.

Joyce Tremel said...

I didn't know either of those things!

Cyn said...

How cool! It must have felt, just a little, as though you conjured it? :)

Joyce Tremel said...

Yes it did, Cyn. Hubby is really lucky I didn't yell, "Stop the car!" I don't think that would have gone over too well.