Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pennwriter's Conference

I just thought I'd take a few minutes before I go to dinner and post a quick summary of the fabulous Pennwriter's Conference. This year's conference is in Lancaster at the beautiful Best Western Eden Resort. I'm with my usual roomie, Annette Dashofy. Our room is gorgeous, and so is the bathroom--so much so that I took a few photos of the large shower. I'd like something similar at home when it's time to remodel the bathroom.

All the classes have been very informative. My favorites so far have been the one on pitches by CJ Lyons, one on mystery writing by Ramona Long, and one on writing thrillers by Jonathan Maberry. And the session on Effective Social Media and Networking taught by Janet Reid was enough to make my head explode. I guess I have to add Twitter to my repertoire now. Sigh. (Suck it up, I know.)

I observed the open read and critique session last night, too. It was interesting to hear others reading their first page and see what worked and what didn't. And the query clinic today was also an eye opener, and really showed that every agent likes something different in queries. It was fun watching them "spar" over the letters.

We're meeting fellow Sisters in Crime and others for dinner at one of the in-house restaurants, then there's a big social get-together for everyone in one of the ballrooms. If I make it that long!


Annette said...

It was great rooming with you again, Joyce. Our hotel rooms keep getting nicer and nicer, too. Not sure how we could improve on that shower, though.

Joyce said...