Monday, March 30, 2009

A Little BSP

If you like short crime fiction, go check out my short story, Agatha, in the Spring edition of Mysterical-e magazine.

Coincidentally, my good friend, Annette Dashofy has a story in the same edition. Be sure to read hers too!


Annette said...

High fives all around!

Judy Schneider said...

Loved the story, Joyce! Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Joyce....what a great little story. Poor Agatha!

PS--I told all of my friends to go and check it out. I'll go back and check out Annette's too. I didn't even know e-magazines existed...being an aging baby-boomer and all that!!

your big sister, Amy

Joyce said...

Poor Agatha! She was a conniving, little, murderous brat!