Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Do You Make of This?

I've heard of the Skull and Bones Society at Yale, mostly because I watched both National Treasure movies. I'm one of the few people who never knew it was a real group until I read this story. (I have to ask though, how can it be a secret society if many people know about it and members' names are listed all over the internet?)

The descendants of Geronimo are suing the Skull and Bones Society (along with Yale University, and certain people in the federal government) because they believe members of the society robbed the grave of Geronimo and are keeping some of his bones in their New Haven clubhouse. Legend has it that back in 1918, members who were stationed at Fort Sill dug him up. A spokesperson at Fort Sill says there is no evidence to back this up, but a letter discovered by a Yale historian seems to back up the claim.

What do you think? Is Geronimo resting in peace, or hidden away in a not-so-secret location in New Haven?

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