Sunday, February 01, 2009

The King's English or The Kings English

Officials in Birmingham, England have taken a stand against apostrophes. Fortunately, it's not a stand against all apostrophes, only those on street signs. They feel apostrophes are "old fashioned" and "confusing." So now St. Paul's Square is now St. Pauls Square. (Note: the spell check on Blogger shows that St. Paul's written without the apostrophe is wrong. Take that Birmingham officials!)

Although a group of residents has been complaining about the change, it was made official last week. No more punctuation on street signs.

I guess the city council thinks their constituents are too dumb to understand basic grammar and punctuation.

It seems to me that the council members are the dumb ones.


Anonymous said...

You're the queen. Can't you overrule them?

Joyce said...

Not bloody likely.