Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bouchercon Burn Out--Part 2

After lunch on Thursday, Annette and I headed for the panel on keeping readers interested in your book. David Montgomery was the moderator, and on the panel were Barry Eisler, Andrew Gross, Mike Lawson, Gayle Lynds, and MJ Rose.

Next was the law enforcement in novels panel featuring Caroline Todd, Wilfred Bereswill, Stephen Booth, Stuart MacBride, Yrsa Sigurdardottir, and Andy Straka. If you check out these fine authors' websites, you'll see that Stuart MacBride is every bit as funny on his website as he is in person.

When the panel was over we took a little break, then went to dinner. Passing the gift shop in the Sheraton we spotted some Pashmina shawls and I talked myself into buying one. I didn't take much convincing. I wore my gorgeous new acoutrement to the opening ceremonies and awards ceremony that evening held in the ballroom of the Sheraton. Here's a photo of Michelle Gagnon, Lee Lofland, and myself at the awards ceremony. Annette and I got up bright and early on Friday morning, but both of us were two tired to go to the gym. Instead, Annette taught me a little bit of yoga. Our first panel was the CSI panel moderated by John French, featuring Jonathan Hayes, Lee Lofland, Gwen Freeman, and Cody McFadyen.

The rest of the morning we spent chatting with friends, then Annette went to the Guppies luncheon. We met up after that and took a walk down to the Inner Harbor, which is really beautiful. (See earlier posts for photos.)

To be continued...


Wilfred Bereswill said...

Maybe I should have tried yoga with the two of you.

Joyce, it really was a pleasure to meet you. Oh, and sorry about you not getting to your ghost tour.

I really need to get up to Pittsburgh sometime soon.

Annette said...

I love that Pashmina, Joyce. And you will think of Bouchercon every time you wear it.

Joyce said...

Will, it was really nice meeting you and your wife. And yes, you really should try to get to Pittsburgh.