Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bouchercon Burn Out--Finale

It's hard to believe that an entire week has passed since Annette and I left for Baltimore. It seems like everyone who attended Bouchercon has been blogging about it, most saying it was one of the best Bouchercons ever. I still can't get over how nice and friendly everyone was. I don't think you'd find that kind of camaraderie in any other profession. I'm glad to be a writer.

Annette and I were supposed to go on a ghost tour in Fell's Point on Friday evening, but we missed it. There was no transportation provided, so we drove (after we retrieved my vehicle from the dungeon of a parking garage). We made it to Fell's Point and would have been on time, except for the fact that there was NOWHERE to park. And I mean NOWHERE. We drove around--and around--and around, until we figured we had missed the tour. So, we headed back to the Radisson and the bar. The bar in the Radisson was much quieter than that in the Sheraton, but we did run into our good friend, Nancy Martin, author of the Blackbird Sisters mysteries and a gazillion other books. Not too long after that, Felicia Donovan joined us. Here's a photo of Felicia and me.
We were up bright and early again on Saturday. Not only did we not go to the gym, we didn't even attempt the yoga. We went to the first panel of the day on the business of publishing moderated by Madeira James, who designs incredible websites for writers. Panelists included publicist Maggie Griffin (also an owner of Partners & Crime bookstore), Ben LeRoy of Bleak House Books, agent Scott Miller, agent David Hale Smith, and Sarah Weinman, whose blog Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind, is a must-read for writers.

The next panel featured our very good buddy, Rebecca Drake. Others on the panel included Bryan Gilmer (moderator), Jack Getze, Marion Moore Hill, Bob Morris, and LJ Sellers.
It was very entertaining, especially when Bob Morris talked about the "old days" in the news room.

After that, we went to the Murder What Fun panel which was hysterical. But anything with Chris Grabenstein always turns out to be funny.

The rest of the day, I just kind of hung out, talking to other writers. Lee Lofland introduced me to agents Janet Reid and Lucienne Diver. Both were very nice (sorry to ruin your reputation, Janet). I might have to hire Lee as my publicist--he tried to pitch the book I'm still writing.

Later, it was the restaurant and bar where we ate dinner with the motley crew of Kelli Stanley and partner, Bill Cameron, Shane Gericke, Lee and his wife Denene. Many others stopped by to say hello over the course of the evening.

On Sunday morning, after a false fire alarm at the Sheraton, we decided to go to our last panel, only because it featured the hilariously funny Stuart MacBride. We weren't disappointed.

After many goodbyes and promises to keep in touch, we retrieved my vehicle from the dungeon and headed back home.

I, like many others, am looking forward to Bouchercon 2009. Indy, here I come!


Annette said...

Just an observation of our mornings...

First morning: workout in gym.
Second morning: gentle yoga stretches in room.
Third morning: moaned, dragged selves out of bed, to hell with exercise.
Fourth morning: didn't even bother setting the alarm clock and overslept.

Joyce said...

That pretty much sums it up!

Bill Cameron said...

It was lovely to meet you both in person! I am still recovering from the trip, but today I feel almost normal. Joyce, I will email you shortly about a visit to Working Stiff!

Jessica said...

Wow! What a time you had. So you got to see what the elusive Janet Reid looks like? LOL I've always wondered because she doesn't post pics.
I saw your comment on bookends blog and laughed. That's why I'm here :-)
Glad you had fun at boucheron!

Joyce said...

Jessica, I'm glad you stopped by! I'm usually a lurker on that blog, but I just had to comment today.

Joyce said...

And Janet looks nothing like her octopus.

Kristine said...

Wow, Joyce, you've really made me feel like I was there along with you. (I wish I were!). I'm so glad you and Annette had such a great time.

I'm grateful you've shared your experience with us!

Janet Reid said...

I was only nice to you cause I'm afraid of Lee Lofland.

Kelli Stanley said...

Thanks for the wonderful dinner, Joyce, and for blessing the new grog enterprise (nameless at the moment) with your and Annette's Working Stiff presence. :)

We had a blast, and it was wonderful to finally get to meet you in person ... I just hope it won't be another year until we see each other.

And by the way ... don't believe Bill when he says he's nearly back to normal. He's never normal. That's why we love him. ;)

Lee Lofland said...

Be careful, Janet. I'm watching you!