Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Tourist At Home

We're on vacation this week. Unlike most people I know, we're spending ours at home--almost. Since we blew a bundle going to Busch Gardens in June, we decided to spend this one at home. So we're being tourists in our own town--Pittsburgh.

It's been fun so far. My husband and I have both lived in or around Pittsburgh our entire lives and there are tons of things we haven't done or seen. On Monday, we had lunch at Houlihan's in Station Square, then took a Just Ducky Tour.

It was a lot of fun. A DUKW is an amphibious vehicle first used in WWII (think D-Day Invasion). The D stands for 1942, the U for utility truck, the K for front wheel drive and the W for two tandem axle rear driving wheels. You wanted to know all that, right?

On Tuesday, we stayed home. I did some house cleaning (exciting, I know) and my better half worked in his wood shop. He's always happy when he's knee deep in sawdust. The rest of the day we hung out in our back yard.

On Wednesday, we made our way to the North Side of Pittsburgh to the National Aviary. They have an outdoor bird show that was a lot of fun.

Afterwards, we went to the historic Penn Brewery for lunch. The outside courtyard was worth a picture. We'll probably be checking out their upcoming Oktoberfest celebration at the end of September.

We're not sure yet what we're doing on Thursday, but on Friday we're thinking about looking for a flea market. Then again, we might just hang out at home!

How many of you have played tourists in your own town? What did you do? Would you do it again?


Sharon said...

Yes, Yes and yeah! Try Rolling Hills Ranch outside of Bridgeville for 'on your own' trail riding! Even for Non Riders its a hoot. They will match you with a horse comensurate with your experience, ability & personality if necessary.
Mineral Beach Pool near Libray,PA. We went there in the 50's & 60's and it hasn't changed much! Stop at Trax Farm for pick your own fruit/strawberries/pumpkins, its just a mile down the road. Next year, visit the New Eagle Aquatorium. It's an amphitheater on the river and their 4th of July fireworks are great.

Annette said...

Joyce, for YEARS I have been wanting to take a Ducky Tour! I'm sooo jealous.