Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Bee Story

We have a shed behind our house that's so large we call it "The Barn." It has a porch and everything. The other night we were sitting there and heard the loudest buzzing we'd ever heard before. We looked around and there was this HUGE bee buzzing around the edge of the porch roof. After awhile he settled down and we kind of ignored him.

Then we heard chewing. Yes, CHEWING. The bee was eating the cedar! I've heard of carpenter bees before, but this one must have been the mother of all carpenters. I swear it was wearing a tool belt. Jerry being a man and all, instead of the wasp and hornet spray, he got a long piece of 1 x 2 and chased the bee away. There wasn't much damage.

Then last evening, I happened to look up at the same spot and the little sucker must have come back because now there are quarter to half inch holes eaten all the way through the cedar plank.

I had a lot of errands to run today, but when I came home after lunch I took a look to see if the bugger had come back. Sure enough, it was up there munching away. Being a Woman To Be Reckoned With, I went straight for the wasp and hornet spray.


It landed on the concrete with a satisfying thunk. Ha. Taught that bee a lesson.

Josh thinks we should hang it up and display it like they did with Blackbeard. Think it might discourage any others from dining on our barn?


Judy Schneider said...

Joyce, "The Barn" is beautiful! How dare that bee bore holes in such a gorgeous structure! If you're going to hang him out as sort of the "lesson" bee, I think you'll need to do so on a rotating pole of some kind so that all the other bees will notice. I'm sure your sons can concoct some such structure. Enjoy that romantic setting! Have a great weekend!

Annette said...

HA! Welcome to the world of bore bees. We've been battling them for years. They like all unpainted wood. They don't eat it, so treating it won't help. They drill in, lay eggs and then you have MORE bore bees.

Ray has a tennis racket that he uses to whack them. We call his little game "Whack-a-bee."

The only thing you can do to keep them away is paint the wood. Yeah, I know. We don't want to paint our log house, either.

Good luck.

P.S. I find a great deal of satisfaction in spraying the suckers with hair spray and watching them seize up. Heh heh.

Joyce said...

Whack-a-bee! I'll have to tell Jerry about that.

I read somewhere that if you spray the wood with liquid sevin it'll keep the bees away. The problem with that is then the porch is probably too toxic to sit on!

Sharon S Wirth said...

Good to know we aren't the only ones with these crazy bees! Unfortunately they also seem to like varnished cedar, as in our porch ceiling. Odd taste don't you think? Maybee we were simply an aperitif. Augh
I like the hairspray idea but I used insulfoam. Spraying directly on the little bugger fills the hole and encases the bee at the same time. A little work with an exacto knife and you have your basic 'BEE Trophy'. There is a lot of satisfaction dropping the chunk in the garbage.
Well, bee good and thanks for the laugh!!

william corey said...

i have a small planter area at the front of my house approx. 10'x 12'. i first decorated it with some old cidar i found on the north forty. i made a nice arber & grew clamstis on them with azaleas, iris & straw berries in the ground. later the borer bees moved in. since that time i replaced the arber several times. the bees don't like treated wood or paint, but that never stopped them fully. i guess they adapted?

i am now using field fence for the uprights but cheap pine 2x4's for the top. i really like to watch them and am amazed at their holes. this year i made a 3' square out of pine and placed a plastic cover on the side we can see from the kitchen window. i hope to get an inside look at what goes on inside?

we have had them for over 20 years. i never knew that they were so harmful until i looked them up to night. i didn't think they had a stinger as no one here, has ever been stung. i have had some of the strangest pets in my time. black widows, scorpions, electric cat fish, a perana, all kinds of non poisoness snakes, lizards, frogs, toads, solamander. turtles, a tortoise, hawks, owl, free running rats, & more but those are other stories!

Karen said...

i just googled "bees eating cedar" because last week we put up a cedarl swingset/play house and today found a perfectly bored hole with a gigantic bee gnawing away. he was hanging upside down to do it, so i could actually see the wood shavings falling as he gnawed. he got at least 3/4 into the board. amazing.