Monday, January 14, 2008

Dinner at My House

As busy as we are, our family tries to have dinner together. Great! you might think.

Not always.

You see, my immediate family is full of jokesters. Lately, the dinner hour has turned into a battle to see who can spew pizza out their nose. I'm the only female (except for the cat) in a household overrun with testosterone and bathroom humor.

Hubby Jerry has always been part comedian. I think if he ever gave up his accounting job he could make a good living at the Funny Bone. It doesn't help that he knows Bob Newhart used to be an accountant. Andy is more serious, but Josh is definitely following in his father's footsteps.

Hence the interesting dinners at my house lately.

Andy came home for the weekend on Thursday. I was off work, so I thought I'd make homemade pizza. All went well until we actually sat down to eat. Andy made the mistake of letting his fork hit his teeth and a new comedy skit was born. Josh began a dialogue that included Andy trying to bite his fork in half. Josh had us laughing so hard, he was sure pizza would be coming out Andy's nose.

On Saturday night, Jerry's brother and his wife came over. We made Lynchburg Lemonade and Tennessee Tea. Since the powers that be in Allegheny County have saddled us with a ten percent tax on poured drinks, we're doing all our drinking at home. Except Josh. He's the only 20 year male I've ever met who doesn't like to drink alcohol. He says it's more fun to watch everyone else make asses out of themselves. Anyway, we played the game "Cranium" that Santa brought us for Christmas. By the end of the night, my stomach hurt from laughing so hard, and Andy ended up coughing because he aspirated the water (we shut him off) he was drinking. But all is well. My team won the game and Andy's lungs are back to normal.

If you're ever passing our house and hear hysterical laughter, stop in. If you're lucky, we'll be playing a game. Then again, it just might be dinner time.


Anonymous said...


I can almost hear Josh ragging on Andy. By the way, I talked with Andy this AM and he forgot to mention how much fun he had!! You're right...he is serious. Don't you just love Cranium. We got that for Christmas a couple of years ago and it is the most fun. I think it's good for a crowd because there are different kinds of questions to answer that use a variety of styles. For example, some people can draw, some can sing, some are intellectuals, some are actors...a little something for everyone. Have fun...Amy

Annette said...

Jerry could absolutely make it as a comedian! Let me know when he opens at Funny Bone. We'll be there!

Jessica said...

Very funny. I came across your name on a post by Janet Reid on someone else's blog. I can relate to your testosterone soaked home. I've got a husband and three boys. Whew.