Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Friends Made Me Write This Post...

My friends have been reminding me that I haven't posted for awhile (Annette & Kristine, are you there? Happy now?) I've been using the excuse that I'm concentrating on my "real writing." I'm up to page 105 in my WIP, so I am making considerable progress.

May was a hectic month and June will be the same. My firstborn, Andy, graduated from Thiel College in the beginning of May, and he was off to his summer job at Prince William Forest Park in Virginia. My "baby," Josh, graduates from Shaler Area High School this coming Friday, June 9th. So between graduation announcements, picking a party date, getting Andy packed, reminding Josh that he doesn't have a summer job yet, consolidating school loans before the rate goes up July 1, etc., there hasn't been much time for anything else.

Things should settle down soon and I'll be able to keep my friends happy by updating my blog a little more often.

If I don't I'm sure I'll hear about it!


Annette said...

Yay, Joyce! Congrats on the page count! And don't count on life slowing down. I always think that's going to happen and something else comes up. But I'm glad to see you blogging.

Kristine said...

Hey Joyce, it's good to see you back! Hope we didn't bug you too much. :-)