Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Mother's Worth

According to a study stay at home moms are worth $134,121 a year. Mothers who work outside the home should add $85,876 to their annual salary. The pressing question here is: Who's going to pay me and when am I'm going to get it?

Can we get congress to pass some kind of law? Don't other countries pay moms to stay home?

I was a stay at home mom for over fourteen years. When the boys were old enough, I took a part-time job, but my main job was still being "mom." It still is, even though the boys are now 18 and 21. A mother's job is never done. I'm proud to admit they still ask for my advice and usually heed it. I'll admit there were a few occasions when I wanted to quit, usually at 3am when one of them was sick and throwing up all over the place. The feeling always went away when they put their little arms around my neck and gave me a hug.

Mothers are a huge influence on their children. Both the boys respect me and respect women in general, and I like to think that had to do with their upbringing. Dads have a lot to do with that too. Kids need to see a good relationship between their parents to know how they are supposed to behave and relate to the opposite sex. When a parent is missing from a family, the kids miss out on that.

Kids should also have a healthy fear of their parents. There have to be boundaries and they must be enforced. I always knew I crossed the line when my mother said, "Joyce Ann." When she added the middle name, it wasn't a good sign. She also had "The Look" which could stop a truck. Fortunately, I've inherited "The Look." I haven't stopped any trucks, but it works well with the kids. Even in taekwondo class, my instructor liked to have me help out with rank testings because I could make the kids behave without saying a word. It's a good talent to have.

Enough of that. I'm off now to write my congressmen asking when I can expect my money. By my calculations they owe me over 2 million dollars. Do you think maybe "The Look" would work on them?


Kristine said...

Amen to that, Joyce. I think it's definitely time for you to collect. I don't have kids yet, but I've always believed that being a mom, or a parent in general, is the hardest job on earth yet also the most rewarding. Do something extra special for herself this Mother's Day. You deserve it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joycie....Your sister Amy here! Oh, I think we all mastered "The Look". I'm pretty sure that was genetic...on Mom's side of the family. How appropriate for you to bring up this discussion at Mother's Day. Try to encourage the boys to read it before Mother's Day. Such cuties, they were...still are! I'm all for you collecting back pay. Let me know how it works out, OK? Speaking of parents...Daddy died 47 years ago today---totally weird to think about that. Really a lifetime ago. Miss them both...Love you, Amy

Stacy said...

I would have to say that I agree with you on all counts. And incase you didn't know, I have "The Look", too. Heredity can can a good thing! LOL